Case Studies

Case Study # 1:
Two Parts Into One

automotive stampings for metal parts

The Challenge: A major automotive parts supplier came to us with an antilock brake bracket they had designed. The blueprint called for two-pieces that were assembled together consisting of several components.


The Solution: Die-Matic worked within their window to redesign a one-piece bracket that eliminated the components and labor needed to assemble the original two-piece design. In addition Die-Matic was able to reduce the material thickness required. The result: the customer saved over $1 million annually.

Case Study # 2:
Anti-Lock Brake
System Booster

cost saving metal stamping

The Challenge: A customer was paying $5 for a cast aluminum assembly shipped to North America from Eastern Europe. The question posed to us was, "Show us how a stamping can radically reduce our cost."


The Solution: Die-Matic designed a 2 piece assembly that was MIG welded to maintain critical specifications, strength, and durability. Die-Matic was able to sell the newly designed welded version for $3.25. This solution also minimized logistics as well as inventory at our customer's plant.

Case Study # 3:
Eyelet to Stamping

precision metal stamping

The Challenge: A customer purchased an eyelet part for $0.26. DMC asked to quote it as a stamping.


The Solution: DMC stamped the part, had it plated and put 12 million parts annually through a sort and size machine to ensure 100% quality and sold the part for $0.18. The net resulted in the customer saving almost $1 million annually.