Tool and Die

Innovative Engineering Solutions

In-House Tool, Die Design and Build

Progressive and Single Hit Dies

In-die Tapping, Clinching/Staking

and Fastener Insertion

In-Die Sensing

Inherited Tooling Program

Preventative/Predictive Maintenance

Tool Refurbishment

Engineering Diagram

Die Protection

  • DMC uses a combination of laser, analog & photoelectric sensors in-die
  • Sensors detect part ejection, tonnage, material feeding, die closure & more

Gaging and Mistake Proofing

Attribute gages & weld fixtures

In-House Design, Automation & Mistake Proofing

Automation & special machines

Work cells, poka-yokes & vision systems

SolidWorks, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, CATIA, IGES, etc.


Partnering Through
Innovative Engineering.